Advancing Your Team

Managing an organization is no small task.
Being part of a team, likewise, is serious business. Crystal-Barkley has a proven track record helping the individuals in organizations perform, think with clarity and cooperate with ease. Among clients are: JP Morgan, AARP, General Motors, New York University, and the Land Trust Alliance. Our approach with companies is as individualized as you can find. Whether you seek leadership development, selection and promotion, choosing a business partner or designing institutional programs, our team will guide you in clearly identifying and achieving your desired results.

Organizations - be they for profit or not for profit - all tell us the same thing: finding and retaining good employees is their single greatest challenge.  Nella and Spencer Deering help you discover how to identify, nurture and motivate your "stars" -- the ones who fuel your future.

Nella and Spencer joined forces in 2016 to help organizations tackle today's challenges through BestWork, Inc. Through a proven process they deliver executive mentoring and taylored solutions which enable organizations to do their BestWork. 

The Harvard Business Review reported that happy and satisfied employees had higher rates of successful business outcomes: likewise Forbes noted an average of 31% higher productivity, 37% higher sales and 3 times higher creativity in satisified employees.

Read more about our clients' success:

  An extraordinary return on your investment. It reduces the risk of your future being determined by others, and offers, instead, a systematic way of setting your own objectives and attaining them.  

- M.M.T., CEO, Financial Services Firm

  WOW! The Crystal-Barkley Process is a very powerful experience you masterfully lead the group along and the Process is brilliant.  

- Development Director, NGO

  Thank you so much for all the information and for sharing your process I believe it is/will be highly effective for me.  

- Participant, Graduate University Program

  As both a corporate as well as a personal client of Crystal-Barkley for about 25 years now, in my corporate HR role at my advertising agency, I started using C-B as an alternative outplacement firm for our more creative employees.  

- HR Specialist, Worldwide Advertising Firm

  As a result of using “Crystal-Barkley’s methods” in our unit, we are seeing a greater hit rate than before; we know what candidates should look and sound like. A real change from our past modus operandi of putting words in their mouths.  

- A.M.F., Managing Director, Global Financial Services Firm

  The program was most helpful in that it put me in touch with myself—made me realize that I had talents I was not using.  

- Participant, Major Automobile Manufacturer, Employee Transition Program

  We simply must implement Life\Work Design™ in the UK  

- Managing Director, International Consulting Firm

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