Program of Services

Crystal-Barkley Corporation was formed in 1981.

Its Life\Work Design Process has guided over 8,000 individuals and entrepreneurs in creating practical life\work plans and supported Fortune 500 companies, institutions and non-profit organizations in achieving their objectives in a highly individualized strategic manner. The Best Work Inc. Life\Work Design services of the Crystal-Barkley Corporation offer a fresh approach.

AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) reports that 31 million Americans are considering a second career. You are ready for a career change? OR, Perhaps you don't want to lose your best talent?


YES to any of these questions?

  •  Tired of being micromanaged?
  •  Want your hard work to feel rewarding - and be rewarded?
  •  Looking forward to end of work day?
  •  Dying to earn a living doing what you love?
  •  Terrified of the consequences of change?
  •  Wondering how to retain your star performers?
  •  Needing your team to be more engaged?
  •  Wanting to promote innovation among your employees?
  •  Wishing performance appraisals were effective?
  •  Interested in becoming a "stand out" company?