In the Media

Financial Times, November 18, 2004

Financial Times

Recruitment by Nancy Dunne
"Goals are complex constructs. They don't arrive full-blown. You need them for every area of your life"
Quoted after interview with Nella Barkley

Bottom Line Personal, November 15, 2008

Bottom Line Personal

Career Coach
"Yes, You Can Find a Job In Tough Times But the usual methods don't work….."
Nella Barkley Crystal-Barkley Corporation

The Wall Street Journal, December 26, 2006

The Wall Street Journal

The Jungle/Focus on Recruitment, Pay and Getting Ahead by Erin White
"If workers realize they're not learning enough and they're not having fun, Ms. Barkley recommends figuring out a solution rather than hoping the situation will change on its own."

Consumer Reports Money Adviser, May 2009

Consumer Reports Money Advisor

Make yourself visible by Retirement by Greg Daugherty
"Your impulse may be to keep your head down and just keep doing your job," says Nella G. Barkley, president of Crystal-Barkley

The Sunday Telegraph, November 22, 1998

The Sunday Telegraph

Business File by Michael Becket
"Crystal Barkley Corporation, which prides itself on teaching every peg to find itself the most comfortable hole, no matter how unusual its shape."