I feel privileged to be part of the 8,000 who went through your program. I do believe every living human being who is interested in living a more meaningful and integrated work life needs to go through this.  

- J. G., HR Director

  It's coming together now! I feel very positive about my future. This course has truly been one of the top five most meaningful and valuable experiences in my life. I'm looking forward to learning how to use my skills to pursue a vocation that complements my life goals.  

- E.C.S., Banking Executive

  Crystal Barkley gave me the tools to change my life and I did…I am exactly where I should be and love what I am doing and the money is better than I could have ever expected. Our reputation is stellar on and off line and I owe so much to CB for it all! You were the Pioneers in this field and the best still!  

- W.S., Insurance Executive turned Entrepreneur

  Today is one of the happiest days of my life! Crystal-Barkley, in the words of the hockey great, Wayne Gretsky, allows one to skate to where the puck is going to be. I would not have been able to garner such a vertical career and more importantly personal opportunity without the assistance of the Crystal-Barkley approach and Life\Work Design™ blueprint.  

- R.D.R., Insurance Industry Executive

  Thanks for giving me the tools to realize my dreams.  

- M.R.T., Entertainment Industry

  An extraordinary return on your investment. It reduces the risk of your future being determined by others, and offers, instead, a systematic way of setting your own objectives and attaining them.  

- M.M.T., CEO, Financial Services Firm

  WOW! The Crystal-Barkley Process is a very powerful experience you masterfully lead the group along and the Process is brilliant.  

- Development Director, NGO

  Thank you so much for all the information and for sharing your process I believe it is/will be highly effective for me.  

- Participant, Graduate University Program

  As both a corporate as well as a personal client of Crystal-Barkley for about 25 years now, in my corporate HR role at my advertising agency, I started using C-B as an alternative outplacement firm for our more creative employees.  

- HR Specialist, Worldwide Advertising Firm

  As a result of using “Crystal-Barkley’s methods” in our unit, we are seeing a greater hit rate than before; we know what candidates should look and sound like. A real change from our past modus operandi of putting words in their mouths.  

- A.M.F., Managing Director, Global Financial Services Firm

  The program was most helpful in that it put me in touch with myself—made me realize that I had talents I was not using.  

- Participant, Major Automobile Manufacturer, Employee Transition Program

  We simply must implement Life\Work Design™ in the UK  

- Managing Director, International Consulting Firm